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Trainee or an intern to Korea, which visa?

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One of our clients planned to send their employee to their local affiliated company in Korea. When an employee is assigned to Korea to work at the local affiliated company, normally an appropriate visa type for the employee is [...]

D-8 Visa or E-7 Visa for Foreign Employees in Korea

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It is possible that foreign employee in same company may have D-8 visa or E-7 visa. And some people may ask why the visa type for them is different. If a foreign company in Korea is registered as [...]

D-7 Visa and D-8 Visa for International Assignment to Korea

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When companies send their employees to one of their affiliated companies in Korea, they can consider two types of visas for their assignee’s visa in Korea. One is D-7 visa and the other is D-8 visa. There are [...]