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E-7 Visa in Korea: Eligibility and Requirements

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One of the most complicated and difficult visa in Korea is E-7 visa. Many people think that hiring a foreigner would not be difficult if a candidate has very good qualification for the job. However, the candidate’s qualification [...]

List of Job Types (Occupations) for E-7 Visa in Korea

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E-7 visa can be applied when a foreign professional working in a specific field designated by Korean government is invited by Korean public or private company. There are 82 occupations and you can look at the source from [...]

Changing D-2 (Study) and D-10 (Job Hunting) visa to E-7 visa in Korea

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Recently there are many cases that international students graduating from local Korean Universities who made low-wage employment contracts with relatively small companies applied for a change of status of their visa to E-7 (particular occupation) visa. As the numbers [...]