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D-8 Visa: Relocation & Assignment to a “Foreign Invested Company” in Korea

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After look-see trip, a candidate decided to accept the international assignment to Seoul in Korea. Of course, housing and school for kids will be a top priority. There is one more thing the company should consider before sending the [...]

E-7 Visa in Korea: Local Hire for Foreigner Software Engineer

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When a company in Korea hires a foreigner with local employment contract, the company need to sponsor E-7 visa for its candidate who are foreigner. E-7 visa is considered to be one of most difficult type of visas [...]

F-1 Visa in Korea: Visa for Foreign Domestic Helper

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F-1 visa is not well-known type of visas in Korea. Unlike other visa types, F-1 visa has multiple activities allowed and eligible applicants. Some people may be confused of F-3 dependent visa for expatriates in Korea, but F-1 [...]

D-8 Visa or E-7 Visa for Foreign Employees in Korea

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It is possible that foreign employee in same company may have D-8 visa or E-7 visa. And some people may ask why the visa type for them is different. If a foreign company in Korea is registered as [...]