At this time we would like to show you a villa in UN Village in Hannam. This villa in UN Village was shown to one of our clients. There are many villas in different areas. But they often look similar. Of course, there are some villas with unique layout and style. This villa in UN Village is in big size with typical villa style. We hope that you can get some ideas about how the villa in Hannam may look like.

Living Room

The villa has a large living room. Through the big window, you can see beautiful river view. You can also see the Lotte Tower, the tallest building in Korea. The river view would be one of reason that this villa is expensive. However, this villa is not a brand new one as you can see from the picture below.

villa in UN Village


We could not take the picture of full kitchen area because of its layout. As a result, the picture is showing only little part. The style of the kitchen is not super modern. But it has a oven and an area for microwave. There is also second kitchen with a stove. In this second kitchen, there is a washing machine.

kitchen in the villa

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is also quite big. Like the living room, you can see river view through the window in the room. The master bedroom has a make-up room and it connects to a nice dressing room. Therefore, total size of the master bedroom is very big.

master bedroom in the villa
dressing room in the villa


The bathroom is relatively nicer than other rooms in our opinion. It has sufficient storage cabinets.

bathroom in the villa

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom has a big window. So again you can see the river view through the window. It is big enough to large size of a bed and to put some closets and side tables.

guest bedroom in the villa

Since the villa is located on the top of UN Village, it has a good view. The size of the villa is about 238 square meters. As a result, it has a big living room and each room has enough space. It has four bedrooms and 3 washrooms. Asking rent price is about KRW 10,000,000 per month. Many villas for rent in UN Village are with the advance payment for the full-term of the lease up front. Ans this villas follows the same rent method. To change the rent method to deposit plus monthly rent, we need to negotiate with the owner, but it could be difficult to change it.

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